In the moment

In this day and age of social media, and yes, I do know that blogs are a form of social media, we often forget to be in the moment.

This is a nice reminder to try to do that.

However, my friends, it is hard work. Right now I am thinking of work and how I am dreading to go in as I have to explain my value for the 22,992nd time. I am thinking about what it would be like to kiss someone. I am thinking about how different this keyboard is than the one on my Mac and how it will take me a while to get used to it. I am thinking of the stink bug that is flying around. I am thinking of why the refrigerator is so loud and the birds chirping are a nice sound. I am thinking of why I can;t get myself to watch 13 Reasons Why, although it is the thing I want to do the most. I am thinking of why a laundry basket is sitting next to my chair, as it has been for two days and no it is not mine. I am thinking of why I have yawned twice since typing the last two sentences and that I really need some rest. I am thinking of how much rest I don’t get.


The mind works like that. In actuality, to type that list I had to stop and think of all those things as I wrote them, so maybe I was in a micro moment.

Getting into and staying in the moment. Challenge thrown down. I need to accept it.


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